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the rah, tora, tora. i watched susan rice when she appeared on "meet the press" in september of 2012. i watched her yesterday when she did it again. and unlike the hawks pushing for trouble abroad or division at home, i also read the bipartisan report of the senate intelligence committee saying that what rice said in 2012 about benghazi carried the hard, difficult core of truth, that the raid which killed our ambassador resulted from the attack that day in cairo which resulted from the crazy anti-islamist video produced by some crazed right-winger out in california. so why did john mccain and darrell issa and the rest keep yelling benghazi? why didn't they say how much they respect hillary clinton especially her work as secretary of state and continue to accuse her as cover-up? does issa truly believe that hillary clinton ordered american troops to stand down? why would she do that to a friend? steven was her friend? why would she deliberately let him die? what are you saying, mr. issa? what are you getting at, mr. mccain? do you or do you not accept it was the intelligence community th
around and the successor susan rice the one that obama wanted to put into the job was getting absolutely destroyed on capitol hill over benghazi in the talking points on the morning talk shows in addition to that her charms to maneuver some of the senators to her side. chanted that getting -- so he's looking at a situation where he will have to have a new defense secretary and that new secretary of state. he has someone who has become most loyal and strong advisor to him. if we keep hillary clinton in here for a while we can resurrect susan rice a little susan rice a little bit. an interesting moment there where she just says i am done. >> host: what you think the impact could be on secretary of state john kerry's tenure and what he might accomplish? we don't know yet that could he overshadow in 2016, could he overshadow what she did. >> guest: he has a few years left to accomplish what he is going to accomplish and he is certainly reaching for the stars. there is an effort to claim up syria's chemical weapons and to get iran to give up its nuclear program and peace in the middle east in
of one just yet. we have heard the u.s. national security adviser susan rice on television today saying, look, it would be a grave mistake for russia to get involved in this. clearly the west putting out the message saying, look, moscow, back off. they made their decision, perhaps using the back end of the sochi games in russia. a big showcase for vladimir putin's new russia and trying to put that kind of pressure on the kremlin. but a lot of uncertainties ahead here. one half of the country wants to head west and the other is economically tied to the east. don? >> so, nick, you're saying russia, russia, russia. how does this affect u.s., the u.s. relationship with russia? >> the u.s. relationship with russia after the decision by barack obama not to attend sochi games and send a lot of openly gay athletes as part of the u.s. delegation criticism on the u.s. posture, sorry the russian posture on gay rights. the u.s. doesn't really have much of a say here, unless throw in money to bolster the economy. like to see, of course, the ukraine head west and a lot of noise by george bush back in
reconcile what susan rice told the nation on 16 september, the spokesman for the administration, when she said there was no terrorist attack, no al qaeda involvement. this was protest caused by video and she told the nation there was no terrorist attack no al qaeda involvement, when in fact there was, and the president himself started talking pat about a protest caused by video, because if the truth had been known seven weeks before the inspection that is was an al qaeda terrorist attack, his reelection was at risk. they manipulated the facts to gets re-elected, and the reason benghazi doesn't go away, it's not a fox news story. it's not a republican story. it's an american story. and people want to know more because four dead americans. >> a lot of people go back and forth, senator, whan the president knew and when he knew and it what he said, how he men it, whether it's semantics or deceitful. we know the day after the incidents he was in las vegas for a political fundraiser. now, politicians go to fundraisers all the time, but if memory serves me right it was mitt romney who was critic
'll monitor and report on the pept -- pentagon's now plans. remember the comments from susan rice. >> the best assessment that we have today, in fact it was not a preplanned and pre-meditated attack. >> now she said she was wrong but what she said next left one military veteran speechless. >> and why is it so hard to keep track of the new people under the law. >> new results of a new survey. show the country's happiest and unhappiest place to live. ♪ just like you can access geico anytime, day or night. there is only one way to celebrate this unique similarity. witness the cheesesteak shuffle. ♪ cheesesteak, cheesesteak ♪ ♪ it's the cheesesteak shuffle! huh! ♪ ♪ every day, all day, cheesesteak, cheesesteak! ♪ ♪ every night, all night cheesesteak, cheesesteak! ♪ ♪ 9 a.m. cheesesteak! ♪ 2 p.m. cheesesteak! ♪ 4 a.m. cheesesteak! ♪ any time (ruh!) >>geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> we'll check the headlines. egypt prime minister announced the entire cabinet resigned. no explanation for the surprise move but it
want to ask you about something else, senator mccain, susan rice, the national security advisor hasn't been on sunday tv much since that sunday when she told us that the violence in bin gazi grew out of spontaneous menstruation, that violence took the lives of four people. americans. you came on after of susan rice and suggested shy really didn't know what she was talking about. to put it bluntly. well this morning she was on "meet the press" sheer is what she said. >> that information turned out in some respects not to be a hundred percent correct. but the notion that somehow i or anybody else in the administration misled the american people is patently false, i think that's been amply demonstrated. >> schieffer: do you have any reaction this time, senator? >> i'm almost speechless because it's patently obvious first of all that susan rice had no reason to be on the program. she had no involvement in it. second of all, she had talking points that we're now beginning to believe came from the white house which were absolutely fails. we úg- that the cia station chief on the ground se
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, senator lindsey graham taking on national security advisor susan rice. what did rice do to outrage senator graham now. he is here to tell you. that's next it was definitely not a kodak moment. the photo israel's prime minister and germany's chancellor merkel never wanted to you see. well, you will see it right here coming up. >>> senator lindsey graham blasting susan rice on twitter. rice still sticking by the talking points she delivered on five different sunday morning shows in the days right after the benghazi attack when four americans were murdered in that attack. but the obama administration insisted it was all about a video. senator lindsey graham tweeting susan rice may be comfortable about the role she played in benghazi debacle but no one else outside of president obama's inner circle is. senator graham joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> what a very smart thing to have said if i say so myself. >> what is going on with this? i mean, at least -- i mean -- >> getting away with it. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says said this was the most regrettable incident of the time she
. national security advisor susan rice returns to the sunday show circuit, the reaction to get an earful from senator john mccain. also this morning, less than a week away from the biggest night in hollywood. but this isn't just an awards show. it's an election. we're breaking down the rough and tumble tactics that stars and studios use to win campaign gold. good morning from washington. it's monday, february 24th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." big day here at msnbc, a great new schedule. we'll get things started with my first reads. this year, getting outside the beltway, taking a "deep dive" every week into the state of politics in all 50 states, exploring the power of the political parties, changing demographics, legislative battles, dominating political issues in marquee races that are reshaping the political landscape in 2014, and we'll set the stage for 2016. we want to tackle big questions like, in california, can the republican party reverse a worrying decline in party registration? democrats now hold every statewide office and have majorities in both houses of that legislature.
susan rice say about the whereabouts of the ukrainian president? >> hi, fredricka. well, there is a bit of a mystery surrounding the now ousted former president, president yanukovych. let's listen to what rice had to say. >> he left kiev. packed up in an orderly fashion. he packed up and took his furniture with him. this is not fleeing in a very disorderly fashion. so, now he's in a place that will reveal itself. yesterday we know where he was and today we're not so musure. but the fact is he's not leading at the present. >> reporter: so, here you go. not only does the u.s. know, but the ukrainian government doesn't know where yanukovch is now. susan rice mentioned on friday the state department believed that yanukovych had gone back to the part of ukraine where his base is after leaving ukraine. right now, this is just one more sign of the political uncertainty going on there in ukraine. now named an acting president and acting prime minister. there's still a lot of unknowns going on in that situation. fred? >> athena, you know, susan rice, no one will forget was really the face of the
before susan rice's controversial sunday show appearances, morrell and others at the cia received a critical e-mail that reported the attacks were not not an escalation of protests. it was from the cia chief of station on the ground in libya. >> the chief of station is the senior intelligence officer for the entire united states government. you would really have to have some incredibly overwhelming facschl evidence to disregard that. >> five former intelligence officials contacted by fox news agreed with the assessment of the chief of stations e-mail and declined to speak on camera. >> the way the agency works, he's been running 24 hours a day to nail each fact, and he's running out indirectly into most senior levels of the organization, saying again with a big red crayon as clearly as he can, there were no protests. >> while the report does not explain when he read the e-mail, it says on the same day, september 15th, he edited the talking points twice, excising about half the text. the word islamic was cut, but demonstration stayed in. the next day, september 16th, the same day s
susan rice back on sunday morning tv. since 2012 she has taken heat for calling the benghazi attacks spontaneous. what does she say now? did she make it even worse? you will see for yourself and congressman trey groundy is all fired up about it is he here next. >>> capture of drug king pin. who will win this one u.s. or mexico? coming up. capitato make it happen? that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing to make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. whatever your goal, it can change e future. that's wh at barclays, our ambition is to alys realize yours. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for est pain; it main blood pressure. side effects include adache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lastg more than four hours. stop taking vira and call youroctor right away if you experience a sudden decase o
the following: the story told by susan rice and the president himself shortly after the attack on 16 september and for a couple of weeks later is absolutely collapsed. it is not credible. it is a fabrication. it was a manipulation of the intel seven weeks before an election. and i think it is abundantly clear that the information coming from libya never suggested there was a protest, identified this as a terrorist attack from the very beginning. and on 16 september, five days after the attack, the u.n. ambassador, susan rice, assured the nation that the consulate was subsubstantially, significantly and strongly secured. there's absolutely in the talking points about that. clearly that was not the case. why did she say that? her story about a protest caused by a video being the most likely cause of the attack is not based on any facts or any reporting from libya. and we will walk through the time line. but the head of the c.i.a. in libya on 15 september sent a message, an e-mail by cable to the number-two, mike morell in the c.i.a. in washington, saying this was not, not a protest that escalate
advisor susan rice is standing by her accounts of what she knew in the hours after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. rice was ambassador to the u.n. says she has no regrets for going on five different talk shows in 2012 and blaming the attack on an anti is plam individual yes. >> the information which i provided which i explained to you was what we had at the moment. it could change. i commented that this was based on what we knew at that morning was provided to me and my colleagues and indeed to congress in the intelligence community. that's been well valley tated. that information turned out in some respects not to be 100% correct but the notion that how i or anybody else in the administration misled the american speem patently false and i think that that's been amply demonstrated. >> republican senator john mccain has frequently criticized the obama administration says he is outraged by rice's response. >> i'm almost speechless because it's patently obvious that susan rice had no reason to be on the program. she had no involvement in it. second of all, she read talking p
and susan rice went on five sunday shows shortly thereaof to blame a -- thereafter to blame a video. does she have any regrets these days? >> the notion that somehow i or anybody else in the administration misled the american people is patently false and i think that's been amply demonstrated. >> no it hapbt. is anybody really buying her story? we're going to report and you decide. good softballs, david. >> dale earnhardt jr. wins his second daytona 500 about five minutes ago. >> we have all the highlights on nascar's biggest race. plus why do so many people -- why so many people thought jimmy johnson was the winner. mornings are better with friends, staoefplt -- friends, steve. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great reason to begin your day. >> hi everybody. welcome to studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. right now it is 40 degrees, 39 degrees, the warmest it has been so far this year. >> so many people check their watch for the time. steve checks the window. it takes forever to do this. >> you check your temperature with your watch? >> you check the temperature? okay,
it harkens back to the cold war. i'm joined now by the president's national security adviser susan rice. welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be with you, david. >> ambassador, what is the latest? where is yanukovych? are you worried this is a situation teetering towards civil wars? >> david, yanukovych's whereabouts, as you said, are not own at the present. what we do know he picked up in a very orderly fashion and left the capital kiev just after having signed an agreement that was designed to lead to a unity government. from the u.s. point of view, our interests have been clear all along. we want to see a de-escalation of the violence. we want to see constitutional change. we want to see democratic elections in very short order, and the opportunity for the people of ukraine to come together in a coalition unity. that's happening. >> is the united states on the side of the protests? >> the united states is on the side of the ukrainian people. they have indicated three months ago when this began than president yanukovych, his decision to turn away from europe was not the choice
have a packed show. including a return for the sunday show for susan rice. >> we have not seen you in a while. as you look at on your involvement, do you have any regrets? >> david, no. >> one top lawmakers said that left him speechless. carl rove will talk about what he thinks >> and the polar vortex is back and we'll tell you who should be prepared to bundle up and when and where. and there is this: >> can you believe that? bird versus plane on all caught on tape. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for est pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include adache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lastg more than four hours. stop taking vira and call youroctor right away if you experience a sudden decase or los in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to
in uniform and snashl security as well. new developments in the benghazi terror investigation. susan rice sticks to her story. jon: big developments and breaking news this hour. jenna: new route janl as susan rices she has no regrets over her early response to the deadly attacks on the consulate in benghazi. we'll show you what she said. plus the "new york times" spreading the good news about all the job opportunities obamacare creates. and making courts history as jason collins is the first openly gay player in the nba. we'll hear what he had to say about taking the court. it's all "happening now." we're waiting for comments on chuck hagel. he's expected to recommend stiff budget cuts for the army specifically. i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. the pentagon expected to slash the number of troops in the army to less than half a million. that's a drop of at least 120,000 from the post 9/11 peak. chief congressional correspondent is life in washington with more on all of that. >> even those who say it's time to cut says there's risk in a dynamic and increasingly dangerous security envi
one day after susan rice's appearance that there were no demonstrations outside that embassy. this senate report also reveals what was known by susan rice. the agency received a critical e-mail reporting that the tacks were "not/not an escalation of protests." it was from the most senior intelligence officer who was on the ground. >> the way the agency works, he's been running 24 hours a day to nail every fact. and now he's reaching out four days into this e-mail directly to the most senior levels of his organization saying again with a big red crayon as clearly as he can there were no protests. >> well, the senate report does not explain when morel read the e-mail. the word "islamic" was cut but "demonstration" stayed in. two days later the cia and fbi reviewed closed circuit tv video from the consulate that showed no protests. two months later in november 2012 at the height of the talking points controversy, susan met with senators mccain, ayotte and graham. morrell talked with rice. >> what i found curious is he did not take responsibility for changing the talking points.
there were no protests. at the height of the controversy susan rice met with senators mccain, ayotte, and graham. >> what i found curious was he did not accept responsibility for changing the talking points. he told me the fbi had done this. i called the fbi, they went ballistic. within 24 hours his statement was changed where he admitted the cia had done it. >> reporter: morrell recently described by the "new york times" magazine as clinton's principle gate cooper. he gave up -- gatekeeper. the "journal" says he is close to hillary clinton citing unnamed officials. he declined fox's offer to speak on camera. in a written statement late yesterday he insisted the senate report strongly you ports the cia's position that the talking points were not politicized in any way. but that was not the view of republicans on that committee. martha: very interesting. we'll speak to senator kelly ayotte about this. bill: a real-life castaway says he spent a year at sea. but some are questioning his story. martha: the president taking aim the fox news on the same day hillary clinton did the same thi
security adviser susan rice making it clear she regrets nothing about her comments right after the dezly benghazi terror attacks. why senator john mccain says he was left almost speechless when he heard that. he'll join us live. a bus driver gets shot in the chest but something blocked the bullet. was divine intervention involved? we are live with an amazing story. it's all "happening now." well, a big meeting between a couple of political rivals you might say in the white house right now. welcome to the hour of "happening now." jenna: to be a fly on the wall between the speaker and the president. i'm jenna lee and we're live at the white house right now. the president is wrapping up a rare meeting with house speaker john boehner. the private sitdown in the oval office, the first since december of 2012 when they failed to reach an agreement on tax reform and spending cuts during the deficit reduction talks. a wide range of topics said to be on today's agenda. ed henry is live with the story. what are you hearing about this meeting? >> well, what we're hearing from both sides is that ther
16th. same day susan rice was on tv morell asked the staff in libya for more information. and they reviewed closed circuit television that showed there were no protest. and two months and the height of the talking points controversy and susan rice went on the sunday talking show, morell went to capitol hill and met with senators. >> in that meeting, when susan rice was with director morell and wlamed the fbi for changing the talking points and we called the fbi and they go crazy and said we didn't change the talking points. you have to wonder particularly now that he may have received the e-mail the day before what was going on. >> reporter: recently it was described by the new york times magazine as clinton's principle gatekeeper. he gave an interview and advising future presidential campaign he is close to mrs. clinton. they declined to speak on camera about the report. and insisted that the september supported the cia position that the talking points were not politicized in any way. >> catherine, thank you from washington. >>> he's the president's pick to be the next
-- or did she refuse to go on the sunday talk show? why was susan rice on there? >> hilary clinton goes on the shows when she needs to for a political reason. when she is trailing on the campaign trail, she will do it. but generally she wants to stay away. there was other stuff to do in this case and i think she recognized the potential political danger and maybe felt it was inappropriate to be out on the television show which there was show much to do in terms of figuring out what happened. once she wasn't available and bookers for this tv shows went to the state beapartment and the hoot house once it was clear it moved to susan rice and she used the talking points that were negotiated and went out beyond what the talking points said. and members of congress decided, susan rice, not all members, but some including republicans, decided she had lied to the public. and hilary clinton was doing briefings where she talked about arm militants went into the campaign. most of the people thought she said terrorist. the difference between armed and terrorist was a small thing. >> what is somethi
. here's his son's response. >> i am almost speechless because it is obvious first of all susan rice had no reason to be on the program she had no involvement on it. we are now beginning to believe came from the white house are which are absolutely false. the cia chief on the ground sent a message immediately saying not/not spontaneous demonstration. it was totally misleading and false for susan rice to say such a thing it is a little embarrassing to tell you the truth. >> amid the fallout she withdrew her name for consideration from secretary of state. >> following in his father's neighboring shahandling foot st. >> that is the son of the preacher from the national geographic show seen dancing at a service with the same snake that killed his dad last week. he died after being bitten at his church in kentucky. he says if he is ever attacked he will refuse treatment, too. >> dancing with the scars not skipping a beat. aaron around drews will join the 18th season. the 35-year-old fox sports reporter familiar she was also a contestant you might remember season 10 placing third. >> just anno
. >> yeah. >> that's an act of terror. >> more than that, because as susan rice goes out and tells the world that it was a spontaneous demonstration off a videotape, but your commanders and the secretary of defense know it's a terror attack. >> bill, bill -- >> just as an american, i'm confused. >> bill, i've gone through this. and we have had multiple hearing on it. what happens is you have an attack like this taking place, and you have a mix of folks who are just troublemakers, you have folks who have an ideological agenda. >> all right. you have some who are affiliated with terrorist organizations. you some who are not. but the main thing that all of us have to take away from this is our diplomats are serving in some very dangerous places. >> your detractors believe you did not tell the world it was terror attack because your campaign didn't want that out. >> bill, think about -- >> that's what they believe. >> and they believe it because folks like you are telling them that. >> no, i'm not. >> beyond what the president said there which is true, the bipartisan senate intelligence committe
that the russians will help. today, the president's national security adviser susan rice talked next steps. >> we want tosy a deescalation of violence. we want to see constitutional change. we want to see democratic elections in very short order. and the opportunity for the people of ukraine to come together in a coalition -- >> the united states -- >> and rice clearly said the united states is on the side of the ukrainian people. harris. >> what was interesting on fox report last night, we had a grn reporter talk with us from kiev. he says, you know, once the olympics are over, we could see some changes. we could see the russians reengaging somehow. lawmakers here are concerned with the russians meddling or worse. >> no question about that. and there may be a tug of war with the united states and europeans on one side and the russians on the other with americans hoping ukraine will move forward with western values. senator bob corker, the top republican on the foreign relations committee, says the united states should insure ukraine remains one country and their territorial and political in inte
was not going to stick around, hillary clinton was leaving, the successor for hillary clinton, susan rice, the one obama wanted, was getting destroyed on capitol hill over benghazi and the talking points on the talk shows. her charm to win over some of the senators, she ended up making more enemies than friends. where het a situation will have to have a new defense secretary, a new secretary of state. he has got somebody leaving who has become a pretty loyal and strong advisor to him. he thought we can keep hillary clinton for a while and find the next secretary of state, resurrects susan rice a little bit. interesting moment, she just says i am done. the impacthe think could be on john kerry's tenure, what he might accomplish. if shee overshadow -- decides to run in 2016 -- could he overshadow what she did? sure, he has a few years left, he is reaching for the stars, and efforts to clean up ria's chemical weapons, get iran to give up nuclear weapons, peace in the middle east. on iran, the state department under hillary clinton really started those negotiations. victory, john kerry will g
for our third topic? okay, so we have susan rice also on the sunday shows. she had a famous run on the sunday shows before. five sunday shows in which the ben gaughazi talking points wer revealed. she explained that on meet the press yesterday. >> david, no, because what i said to you that morning and what i did every day since was to share the best information that we had at the time. the information i provided, which i explained to you, was what we had at the moment. >> i'm almost speechless because it's patently obviously, first of all, that susan rice had no reason to be on the program. she had no involvement in it. second of all, she read talking points that we're now beginning to believe came from the white house, which were absolutely false. >> eric, were you surprised she would have said that? why not just say the talking points were not accurate, and move on? do you think it's too dangerous. >> here's what happened. remember hillary clinton was supposed to show up. she said she couldn't or didn't want to for whatever reason. >> obviously the reason. >> right, so susan r
susan rice spoke for the obama administration yesterday. >> the ukrainian people expressed themselves peacefully. they were met with violence. and that did not end well for yanukovych. >> does he have to go in the president's mind? >> he has gone. >> but does he have to relinquish power? >> he has gone, david. i mean, this is an interesting and complicated situation, as you know. he's lost -- yanukovych has lost enormous legitimacy despite having been originally democratically elected, by turning on his people, by using violence in the streets against peaceful protesters. and by flouting the will of the ukrainian -- >> but he's saying he's not stepping down. >> but he left kiev, packed up in an orderly fashion, took his stuff, his furniture with him. this was not fleeing -- >> the united states says it does not know yanukovych's current location. the ukrainian parliament has named its new speaker as the interim head of state. russia has recalled its ambassador to ukraine. today russian prime minister dimitri medvedev told reporters the legitimacy of a whole number of organs of power t
incident but the situation in ukraine is unstable at best. susan rice was asked if russian president putin still sees the world from a cold war point of view. >> he may. if he does that is a pretty dated perspective that doesn't reflect where the people of ukraine are coming from. we have called him on it and the president is forceful in his dealings with putin but it's not necessary, nor is it our interests to return to a cold war construct which is long out of date and doesn't reflect the realities of the 21st century. >> susan rice talking to david growing on "meet the press." yesterday, john mccain weighed in. >> what does putin do here? i think the message has to be sent to him, let the ukrainian people determine their own future and a partition of ukraine is totally unacceptable. if i were vladimir putin today at the end of the olympics, i'd be a little nervous because the people of russia have watched this transpire and they are tired of the crony capitalism that governs russia today. if i were him, i'd be a little bit nervous. >> ask you how the obama administration has played this
susan rice what talking points to be used that morning. all of this has to be viewed in the context of a presidential campaign. remember, bin laden is dead, al qaeda is on the run, everything is fine in the world. that was the whole theme as far as national security is concern of the obama campaign. well, if this attack, the on our consulate was carried out in a planned terrorist attack, then that blows a hole a mile wide in the theme of the campaign. so, therefore, a series of things happened which are unacceptable. including the fact that they knew right away that it was a terrorist attack. that there was no spontaneous demonstration. they had video that showed that. they knew there were people that had been evacuated to germany that would have told them that. and the station chief in tripoli said there was not, slash not. >> you are not going to get an answer to your letter. is he not going to answer your letter. >> no. he will not answer my letter, but we will keep the pressure on until we know for the benefit of those four families exactly what happened. they deserve to know. a
that on september 16, ambassador susan rice appeared on behalf of the administration on every major sunday television show, and during that time people rightly wanted to know what happened. this was a big deal. an ambassador had been murdered, three other americans in libya, where we had gone in to remove, working with our nato partners, to get rid of qadhafi and really had established alliances with libya. and here we have a murdered ambassador on september 11. and that day ambassador rice during the context of a precedential election, went on every single sunday show. and when she was asked about what happened that day, she blamed this on the spontaneous reaction to a hateful video. well, recently the senate select committee on intelligence did some very good bipartisan work, looking at what happened on the attack of the consulate, and in that report is something very, very telling. in that report, the report found that "contrary to many press reports at the time, eyewitness statements by u.s. personnel indicate that there were no protests at the start of the attacks. " in fact, the then
-- because the bipartisan intelligence committee, both parties said everything susan rice said was accurate. it was caused by that crazy move in california which caused the craziness in cairo which was copyrighted in benghazi. that's what we knew then and now. nothing has changed. the president was telling the truth and so was susan rice. why do they keep saying this stuff? >> benghazi means i hate president obama, i hate hillary clinton, and i hate susan rice. >> just like you. >> that's what it says. >> just like you. so i'm okay on that one? >> yeah. >> that's what it means. why lindsey graham, who has a brain? >> we can set jim inhofe aside. >> i really like the guy. i'm watching him, i'm thinking p.o.w. he has to read the statement. >> so inhofe says whenever it snows that's proof that there is no global warming. >> i don't really like him that much. >> lindsey graham has -- he is likely to have a difficult primary challenge. >> seven people running against him. >> and he just gets something stuck in his craw here. the odd thing, though, this isn't even about benghazi. we're not talkin
security adviser susan rice speaking about the fast-moving developments in the ukraine. we'll get that four in a second. she also discussed some new details about the violent civil war in syria. we'll try to get those up for you and bring those comments to you in just a moment. >>> also in washington the national governor's association winter meetings resumed today. one governor who is keeping a low profile at the event, new jersey's chris christie. the republican did not answer questions from reporters saturday about the george washington bridge scandal. he's also leaving town today before tonight's big white house dinner. let me bring in someone from the governor's summit, delaware governor who last year was chairman of the national governor's association. good to have you here with us. what's talk of the weekend? what are you alls priority? >> our priorities are education, jobs, being good stewards of the taxpayers money. we had a great session this morning with secretary arne duncan. the president's proposal to invest significantly and a lot of great work going on in states across the c
the weekend, when susan rice sort of told that by saying a breakup of ukraine is in nobody's best interest, which is in diplomatic speak, a kind of warning. basically saying, back off. >> speaking of national security adviser susan rice, let me play what she said on "meet the press," regarding whether putin sees this from a cold war perspective. here's what she said. >> that's a pretty dated perspective that doesn't reflect where the people of ukraine are coming from. this is not about the u.s. and russia. this is about whether the people of ukraine have the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations and be democratic and be part of europe, which they choose to be, but it's not necessary, nor in our interest, to return to a cold war construct, which is long out of date and doesn't reflect the realities of the 21st century. >> the realities of the 21st century are cloudy as it relates to ukraine and the e.u. and russia's involvement here for those in the states and perhaps don't see why this is of significance to us in this country, how do you explain that? >> well, it's unfortunate that susa
mislead the world, former u.n. ambassador susan rice, said this about the benghazi attack. >> i commented that this was based on what we knew on that morning was provided to me and colleagues and indeed to congress by the intelligence community. that's been well-validated in many different ways since. and that information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100% correct. >> an understatement to be sure. upon hearing ambassador rice senator john mccain replied. >> she read talking points that we are now beginning to believe came from the white house which were absolutely false. we now know that the director -- that the cia station chief on the ground september a message not slash not spontaneous demonstration. >> mr. obama supporters would you have believe the whole thing is cooked up by right-wing people that despise the president. that, of course is propaganda. as an american, not a broadcaster, as an american, i want to know what happened. so i asked the with the directly. >> did he tell you secretary panetta was it a terrorist attack. >> you know what he told me there was an attack
was that the security was lax. >> but that contradicts what the u.n. ambassador susan rice said just days after the attack. >> well, we obviously did have a strong security presence. >> so which was it? security was strong or lax? the senator is also taking issue with this claim. >> the notion that we would hide the ball for political purposes when a week later we all said in fact, there was a terrorist attack taking place, that wouldn't be a very good cover-up. >> the lawmakers point out, however, that the president was not calling this a terrorist attack a week later. in fact, on "the view" two weeks later he specifically declined to go that far. >> i heard hillary clinton say that it was an act of terrorism. is it? >> we're still doing an investigation. we don't have all the information yet. >> finally, the senators demand accountability. >> make no mistake, justice will be done. >> and yet the senators are right, in almost 17 months none of the terrorists have been brought to justice. joining me now, democratic ranking member on the house intel committee. adam schiff, sir, let's start with
." david gregory will have a exclusive interview with national security adviser, susan rice. >>> and the u.s. is also closely watching developments in venezuela where there were more mass protests today. tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of president nicolas maduro took to the streets in competing rallies. amid fears of new violence. so far at least eight people have been killed since anti-government protests began a week and a half ago. >>> tonight, the world's top drug lord is in custody after decades on the run. joaquin el chapo guzman is accused of smuggling billions in cocaine and other illegal drugs into the u.s. nbc's mark potter has more on the dramatic capture. >> reporter: the arrest of joaquin el chapo guzman early this morning ends the long reign of the man known as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. even though he had been the target of intense manhunts, it's been 13 years since guzman, the head of the sinaloa drug cartel, has been in the hands of authorities. officials say he was arrested in this condominium in the resort town of mazatlan. reportedly
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